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libxbee is a C library to aid the use of Digi XBee wireless modules radios running in API mode.

libxbee has been designed with flexibility in mind. libxbee does all of the hard work, and provides you with a very friendly interface for creating connections, and sending and receiving data.

Development is ongoing, so if you find any bugs or have any enhancement requests, please feel free to submit an issue on the project page:
or contact me (Attie) directly:

Download the source from the Google Code site here:  


Documentation is available via the following man pages, or by examples in the 'sample' folder in the Git repository

libxbee structs and enums

xbee_pkt(3) - a packet

xbee_conAddress(3) - connection address

xbee_conInfo(3) - connection info (e.g: Tx counter)

xbee_conSettings(3) - connection settings (e.g: disable ACK)

xbee_conSleepStates(3) - a list of sleep states for a connection

xbee_errors(3) - a list of potential errors, returned by functions

libxbee global variables

libxbee_revision(3) - the revision of the installed library (e.g: v3.0.4)

libxbee_commit(3) - the Git commit id that the source was built from

libxbee_committer(3) - the name of the developer who performed the last commit

libxbee_buildtime(3) - the time that the library was build, as output by `date`

libxbee instance functions

xbee_modeGetList(3) - retrieve a list of available modes

xbee_setup(3) - setup an instance of libxbee

xbee_validate(3) - validate a libxbee handle

xbee_modeGet(3) - retrieve the mode of a given libxbee instance

xbee_shutdown(3) - shutdown an instance of libxbee

xbee_dataSet(3) - associate data with a libxbee instance

xbee_dataGet(3) - retrieve the data associated with a libxbee instance

libxbee connection functions

xbee_conGetTypes(3) - retrieve a list of available connection types

xbee_conNew(3) - create a new connection

xbee_conValidate(3) - validate a connection handle

xbee_conGetXBee(3) - retrieve the libxbee instance associated with a connection

xbee_conEnd(3) - close a connection

xbee_conTx(3) - transmit a message (using printf-style arguments) - see also: xbee_conxTx(3)

xbee_convTx(3) - transmit a message (using vprintf-style arguments) - see also: xbee_convxTx(3)

xbee_connTx(3) - transmit a message (using a buffer and length) - see also: xbee_connxTx(3)

xbee_conRx(3) - receive a message

xbee_conRxWait(3) - receive a message (waiting upto 1 second before returning an error)

xbee_conSleepSet(3) - configure sleep settings for a connection

xbee_conSleepGet(3) - retrieve sleep settings for a connection

xbee_conDataSet(3) - associate data with a connection (useful with callbacks)

xbee_conDataGet(3) - retrieve the data associated with a connection

xbee_conCallbackSet(3) - configure a callback for a connection

xbee_conCallbackGet(3) - retrieve the callback configured for a connection

xbee_conTypeGet(3) - retrieve the type of the connection, as provided when calling xbee_conNew(3)

xbee_conInfoGet(3) - retrieve the information stored with a connection (e.g: tx/rx counters)

xbee_conSettings(3) - configure and retrieve the settings for a connection

libxbee packet functions

xbee_pktFree(3) - free the storage associated with a packet retrieved using xbee_conRx()

xbee_pktValidate(3) - validate a packet handle

xbee_pktDataGet(3) - retrieve formatted data from a packet

xbee_pktAnalogGet(3) - retrieve an analog sample from an I/O packet

xbee_pktDigitalGet(3) - retrieve a digital sample from an I/O packet

libxbee network server functions

xbee_netStart(3) - start sharing the libxbee instance

xbee_netvStart(3) - start sharing the libxbee instance (with a pre-bound socket)

xbee_netStop(3) - stop sharing the libxbee instance

libxbee log functions

xbee_logTargetSet(3) - redirect the libxbee log output

xbee_logTargetGet(3) - retrieve the libxbee log target

xbee_logLevelSet(3) - set the log level (higher is more verbose)

xbee_logLevelGet(3) - retrieve the current log level

xbee_logRxSet(3) - enable / disable logging of the Rx payload data

xbee_logRxGet(3) - retrieve the current setting for logging Rx payload data

xbee_logTxSet(3) - enable / disable logging of the Tx payload data

xbee_logTxGet(3) - retrieve the current setting for logging Tx payload data

xbee_logColorSet(3) - enable / disable colorziation of the log

xbee_logColorGet(3) - retrieve the current setting for logging colorized logging

xbee_log(3) - write a message to the libxbee log

miscellaneous functions

xbee_errorToStr(3) - translate an error number to a string

xbee_init(3) - initialise the libxbee global state

xbee_fini(3) - tear down the libxbee global state




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